NetScaler VPX instance on Oracle is in Limited Availability. If you’d like to participate, contact your local sales team or request a call at:

Before attempting to create a NetScaler instance in OPC, make sure you have the following:

  • An Oracle Cloud Account
  • An SSH key pair

Take the following steps to meet the above requirements:

  1. Create and configure your account on Oracle Cloud.

    You must have an account to request a trial or purchase a subscription to an Oracle Cloud service. For more information about setting up your Oracle account, see Overview of Oracle Cloud Subscriptions.

  2. Create an SSH key pair

    Before you create an instance in Oracle Public Cloud, you need to create and configure at least one SSH key pair, because after your instance is created, SSH key exchange is the first and only method of accessing the instance.

    a. Generate an SSH key pair by following the procedure described Generating an SSH Key Pair.

    Following is an example of creating an SSH key pair in RSA format.

    ssh-keygen -b 2048 -t rsa

    b. Upload the public key to the Oracle Public Cloud interface by following procedure described  at Uploading the SSH Public Key. Once uploaded, you can assign the SSH key to any instance. You can also upload the key later while creating the instance.


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