Configure a NetScaler VPX standalone instance on Oracle Public Cloud

NetScaler VPX configuration on Oracle Public Cloud involves the following tasks:

  1. Upload a NetScaler VPX Image and Associate It with the Oracle Cloud Web Console.
  2. Configure the VPX instance.
  3. Configure NetScaler owned IP Addresses and an LB virtual server.


Before you start configuring a NetScaler instance, see the Prerequisites.

Upload a NetScaler VPX image and associate it with the Oracle Cloud Web console

After obtaining the raw.tar.gz file image from Citrix, associate it with the Oracle Web console as follows:

1. Launch and click Sign In in the upper-right corner.

2. From the Cloud Account drop-down menu, select the appropriate data center and click My Services.

localized image

3. In the Enter your Identity Domain field, enter the identity domain that Oracle assigned to your account, and click Go.

4. Enter your user name and password and click Sign In.

5. From the Dashboard, click Compute > Open Service Console.

6. Click Images.

localized image

7. The Private Images page appears.

8. Click Upload Image.

9. Enter your password, and then click Continue.

localized image

10. The Upload Image page appears in a new tab.

11. In the Image File field, browse to select the raw.tar.gz image file that you want to upload.

localized image

12. In the Target Object field, enter the name of the object that the image file should be stored as in Oracle Storage Cloud Service.

13. Click Upload.

14. After the image is uploaded, it appears under Private Images.

15. Click the image and click Associate Image.

16. The Associate Image window appears.

17. Specify a name and description for the image that is being created.

18. Click Select File to select the file.

19. Click OK to associate the new image with the file.

Configure a NetScaler instance

Complete these steps to a VPX instance.

  1. Launch the Create Instance wizard to create instances. Select and enter the details in the Shape and Instance pages. You can find more information about how to create an instance on the Oracle docs site.

  2. In the Network page, clear the Shared Network check box and click Configure Interface > Create IP Network to create an IP network for the management IP (NIC 1/1) and click Create. Specify the other details in the Configure IP Network Interface window and click Save. Repeat the steps for NIC 1/2 and NIC 1/3. You can find more information about IP Network Options on the Oracle docs site.


    In Configure IP Network Interface, select the Default Gateway check box.

    Set Public IP Address to Auto Generated for NIC 1/1 and 1/2 and specify private IP addresses for all three NICs.

  3. On the Storage page, you can attach existing storage volumes to your instance, if necessary, or create storage volumes and attach them to the instance. In this example, select the default storage.

  4. On the Review page, verify the information that you’ve entered, and then click Create.

    Monitor the status of the instance. When the status is shown as “Running,” the instance is ready

  5. Create an IP Address Prefix Set. You can find more information about how to create an IP address prefix set on the Oracle docs site.

  6. Create Security Protocols. You can find more information about how to create a security protocol on the Oracle docs site.

  7. Create Security Rules. You can find more information about how to create a security rule for IP networks on the Oracle docs site.

Configure NetScaler owned IP addresses and an LB virtual server

  1. Configure the NetScaler owned IP addresses by using the NetScaler GUI or the command “add ns ip.” For more information, see Configuring NetScaler-Owned IP Addresses.

  2. Configure the NetScaler instance as a load balancing virtual server. For more information, see Set up basic load balancing.

Configure a NetScaler VPX standalone instance on Oracle Public Cloud