CreatE NS Records for an authoritative server

Name Server (NS) records specify the authoritative server for a domain. You can configure a maximum of 16 NS records. You can use an NS record to delegate the control of a subdomain to a DNS server.

Create an NS record by using the CLI

At the command prompt, type the following commands to create an NS record and verify the configuration:

-  add dns nsRec <domain> <nameServer> [-TTL <secs>]
-  show dns nsRec <domain>


> add dns nsRec
> show dns nsRec
1)      Domain :    NameServer :
        TTL : 5 sec

To remove an NS record, type the rm dns nsRec command, the name of the domain to which the NS record belongs, and the name of the name server.

Create an NS record by using the GUI

Navigate to Traffic Management > DNS > Records > Name Server Records and create an NS record.