Create PTR records for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

A pointer (PTR) record translates an IP address to its domain name. IPv4 PTR records are represented by the octets of an IP address in reverse order with the string “” appended at the end. For example, the PTR record for the IP address is

IPv6 addresses are reverse mapped under the domain IP6.ARPA. IPv6 reverse-maps use a sequence of nibbles separated by dots with the suffix “.IP6.ARPA” as defined in RFC 3596. For example, the reverse lookup domain name corresponding to the address, 4321:0:1:2:3:4:567:89ab would be b.a.

Add a PTR record by using the CLI

At the command prompt, type the following commands to add a PTR record and verify the configuration:

-  add dns ptrRec <reverseDomain> <domain> [-TTL <secs>]
-  show dns ptrRec <reverseDomain>


> add dns ptrRec
> show dns ptrRec
1)      Reverse Domain Name :
        Domain Name :               TTL : 3600 secs

To remove a PTR record, type the rm dns ptrRec command and the reverse domain name associated with the PTR record

Add a PTR record by using the GUI

Navigate to Traffic Management > DNS > Records > PTR Records and create a PTR record.