Configuring DNS suffixes

You can configure DNS suffixes that enable the NetScaler appliance to complete non-fully qualified domain names (non-FQDNs) during name resolution. For example, during the process of resolving the domain name abc (which is not fully qualified), if a DNS suffix is configured, the appliance appends the suffix to the domain name ( and resolves it. If DNS suffixes are not configured, the appliance appends a period to the non-FQDNs and resolves the domain name.

Create DNS suffixes

DNS suffixes have significance and are valid only when the NetScaler is configured as an end resolver or forwarder. You can specify a suffix of up to 127 characters.

Note: The order of DNS suffixes is important. The ADC appliance tries the configured suffixes in a serial order and stops when it gets a successful response for a suffix.

Create DNS suffixes by using the CLI

At the command prompt, type the following commands to create a DNS suffix and verify the configuration:

-  add dns suffix <dnsSuffix>
-  show dns suffix <dnsSuffix>


> add dns suffix
> show dns suffix
1)      Suffix:


To remove a DNS suffix by using the NetScaler command line, at the NetScaler command prompt, type the rm dns suffix command and the name of the DNS suffix.

Create DNS suffixes by using the GUI

Navigate to Traffic Management > DNS > DNS Suffix and create DNS suffixes.

Configuring DNS suffixes

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