Introduction to the NetScaler product line

The NetScaler product line optimizes delivery of applications over the internet and private networks, combining application-level security, optimization, and traffic management into a single, integrated appliance. You can install a NetScaler appliance in your server room and route all connections to your managed servers through it. The NetScaler features that you enable and the policies you set are then applied to incoming and outgoing traffic.

A NetScaler appliance can be integrated into any network as a complement to existing load balancers, servers, caches, and firewalls. It requires no additional client or server side software, and can be configured using the NetScaler web-based GUI and CLI configuration utilities.

NetScaler Hardware Platforms

NetScaler hardware is available in a variety of platforms that have a range of hardware specifications:

NetScaler MPX hardware platform

NetScaler SDX hardware platform

NetScaler Editions

The NetScaler operating system is available in three editions:

  • Standard
  • Enterprise
  • Platinum

The Standard and Advanced editions have limited features available. Feature licenses are required for all editions.

For more information about NetScaler software editions, see the NetScaler Editions datasheet.

For information about how to obtain and install licenses, see Licensing.

Supported releases on NetScaler hardware

See the following compatibility matrix tables for all NetScaler hardware platforms and the software releases supported on these platforms:

NetScaler MPX Hardware-Software Compatibility Matrix

NetScaler SDX Hardware-Software Compatibility Matrix

Supported browsers

To access the Citrix ADC GUI, your workstation must have a supported web browser.

The compatible browser versions for Citrix ADC 11.1 are as follows:

Operating System Browser Versions
Windows 7 & later Internet Explorer 8,9,10, 11, Edge
Windows 7 & later Mozilla Firefox 45 & later
Windows 7 & later Chrome 60 & later
MAC Mozilla Firefox 45 & later
MAC Safari 10.1.1 & later
Introduction to the NetScaler product line