Configuring Static Proximity

The static proximity method for GSLB uses an IP-address based static proximity database to determine the proximity between the client’s local DNS server and the GSLB sites. The NetScaler appliance responds with the IP address of a site that best matches the proximity criteria.

If two or more GSLB sites at different geographic locations serve the same content, the NetScaler appliance maintains a database of IP address ranges and uses the database for decisions about the GSLB sites to which to direct incoming client requests.

For the static proximity method to work, you must either configure the NetScaler appliance to use an existing static proximity database populated through a location file or add custom entries to the static proximity database. After adding custom entries, you can set their location qualifiers. After configuring the database, you are ready to specify static proximity as the GSLB method.

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Configuring Static Proximity

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