Product Documentation

Configuring NetScaler-Owned IP Addresses

Mar 20, 2012

The NetScaler-owned IP Addresses—NetScaler IP Address (NSIP), Virtual IP Addresses (VIPs), Subnet IP Addresses (SNIPs), Mapped IP Addresses (MIPs), and Global Server Load Balancing Site IP Addresses (GSLBIPs)—exist only on the NetScaler appliance. The NSIP uniquely identifies the NetScaler on your network, and it provides access to the appliance. A VIP is a public IP address to which a client sends requests. The NetScaler terminates the client connection at the VIP and initiates a connection with a server. This new connection uses a SNIP or a MIP as the source IP address for packets forwarded to the server. If you have multiple data centers that are geographically distributed, each data center can be identified by a unique GSLBIP.

You can configure some NetScaler-owned IP addresses to provide access for management applications.