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Configuring Application Access Controls

Sep 30, 2015

Application access controls, also known as management access controls, form a unified mechanism for managing user authentication and implementing rules that determine user access to applications and data. You can configure MIPs and SNIPs to provide access for management applications. Management access for the NSIP is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. You can, however, control it by using ACLs.

For information about using ACLs, see Access Control Lists (ACLs).

The NetScaler appliance does not support management access to VIPs.

The following table provides a summary of the interaction between management access and specific service settings for Telnet.

Management Access Telnet (State Configured on the NetScaler) Telnet (Effective State at the IP Level)
Enable Enable Enable
Enable Disable Disable
Disable Enable Disable
Disable Disable Disable

The following table provides an overview of the IP addresses used as source IP addresses in outbound traffic.

ARP Yes Yes Yes No
Server side traffic No Yes Yes No
RNAT No Yes Yes Yes
ICMP PING Yes Yes Yes No
Dynamic routing Yes No Yes Yes

The following table provides an overview of the applications available on these IP addresses.

SNMP Yes Yes Yes Yes
System access Yes Yes Yes No

You can access and manage the NetScaler by using applications such as Telnet, SSH, GUI, and FTP.

Note: Telnet and FTP are disabled on the NetScaler for security reasons. To enable them, contact the customer support. After the applications are enabled, you can apply the controls at the IP level.

To configure the NetScaler to respond to these applications, you need to enable the specific management applications. If you disable management access for an IP address, existing connections that use the IP address are not terminated, but no new connections can be initiated.

Also, the non-management applications running on the underlying FreeBSD operating system are open to protocol attacks, and these applications do not take advantage of the NetScaler appliance's attack prevention capabilities.

You can block access to these non-management applications on a MIP, SNIP, or NSIP. When access is blocked, a user connecting to a NetScaler by using the MIP, SNIP, or NSIP is not be able to access the non-management applications running on the underlying operating system.

To configure management access for an IP address by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type:

set ns ip <IPAddress> -mgmtAccess <value> -telnet <value> -ftp <value> -gui <value> -ssh <value> -snmp <value> -restrictAccess (ENABLED | DISABLED)


 > set ns ip -mgmtAccess enabled -restrictAccess ENABLED  

To enable management access for an IP address by using the configuration utility

  1. Navigate to System > Network > IPs > IPV4s.
  2. Open an IP address entry, and select the Enable Management Access control to support the below listed applications option.