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Globally Binding an Integrated Caching Policy

Aug 08, 2014

When you globally bind a policy, it is available to all virtual servers on the NetScaler appliance.

To bind an integrated caching policy globally by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type:

bind cache global <policy> -priority <positiveInteger> [-type REQ_OVERRIDE|REQ_DEFAULT|RES_OVERRIDE|RES_DEFAULT] [-gotoPriorityExpression <expression>] [-invoke <labelType> <labelName>]


> bind cache global myCachePolicy -priority 100 -type req_default

Note that the type argument is optional for globally bound policies, to maintain backward compatibility with policies that you defined using earlier versions of the NetScaler appliance. If you omit the type, the policy is bound to REQ_DEFAULT or RES_DEFAULT, depending on whether the policy rule is a response-time or a request-time expression. If the rule contains both request time and response time parameters, it is bound to RES_DEFAULT. Following is an example of a binding that omits the type.

> bind cache global myCache Policy 200

To bind an integrated caching policy globally by using the configuration utility

Navigate to Optimization > Integrated Caching, click Cache Policy Manager, and bind policies by specifying the relevant bind point and connection type (Request/Response).