Creating a NetScaler Load Balancer in a Plan in the Service Management Portal (Admin Portal)

The Service Management Portal in WAP allows an administrator to register Cisco APIC with WAP and also create a hosting plan. As part of the plan, you can specify the VIP range, associate the NetScaler load balancer with the plan, create tenant user accounts, and so on.

To create a NetScaler Load Balancer in a Plan in the Admin Portal:

     1. Log in to the Service Management Portal (Admin Portal).

     2. In the Navigation pane, select PLANS.

localized image

     3. In the plans pane, select the plan that you want to add a load balancer.

     4. In the selected plan’s pane, select Networking (ACI).

     5. On the Networking (ACI) pane, in the L4-L7 SERVICE POOL drop-down list, select the L4-L7 resource pool that you had created in Cisco APIC.

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     6. Create a tenant user account and associate the user with the plan you have created.