Provision a new instance or modify an existing instance and assign a partition

After creating the partitions, you must assign them to instances.


  • You can attach only one FIPS partition to an instance.
  • An instance with a FIPS partition can be assigned only one CPU core.
  • You can assign either a FIPS partition or an SSL core to an instance, but not both.

Provision a new instance or modify an existing instance

  1. On the Configuration tab, navigate to NetScaler > Instances, and add or modify an instance.
  2. Select Enable FIPS, and from the Partitions list, select a partition to attach to this instance.

    localized image

You can verify that the partition is attached to an instance by using either the GUI or the CLI.

In the GUI, navigate to System > HSM Administration > Partitions. The instance name attached to the partition is displayed.

localized image

To unassign a FIPS partition¸ navigate to NetScaler > Instances. Edit the instance and clear the Enable FIPS check box.

In the CLI, at the command prompt, type the following commands:

> show fips

FIPS Card is not configured


If you see the following output, see the troubleshooting section for debugging.

ERROR: Operation not permitted - no FIPS card present in the system