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ECDSA Cipher Suites support on MPX and SDX appliances

Feb 12, 2018

ECDSA cipher suites use elliptical curve cryptography (ECC). Because of its smaller size, it is particularly helpful in environments where processing power, storage space, bandwidth, and power consumption are constrained.

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Starting release 11.1 build 51.x, ECDSA Cipher group support is available on the front end and back end, on MPX and SDX appliances with N3 chips. Use the show ns hardware command to find out if your appliance has N3 chips.

Example Copy

> sh ns hardware

          Platform: NSMPX-22000 16*CPU+24*IX+12*E1K+2*E1K+4*CVM N3 2200100

          Manufactured on: 8/19/2013

          CPU: 2900MHZ

          Host Id: 1006665862

          Serial no: ENUK6298FT

          Encoded serial no: ENUK6298FT