Configure a secure content switching server

An SSL-based content switching virtual server first decrypts the secure data and then redirects the data to appropriately configured servers as determined by the type of content and the configured content switching policies. The packets sent to the server have a mapped IP address as the source IP address.

The following example shows the steps to configure two address-based virtual servers to perform load balancing on the HTTP services. One virtual server, Vserver-LB-HTML, load balances the dynamic content (cgi, asp), and the other, Vserver-LB-Image, load balances the static content (gif, jpeg). The load-balancing method used is the default, LEASTCONNECTION. A content switching SSL virtual server, Vserver-CS-SSL, is then configured to perform SSL acceleration and switching of HTTPS requests on the basis of configured content switching policies.


enable ns feature lb cs ssl

add lb vserver Vserver-LB-HTML http 80

add lb vserver Vserver-LB-Image http 80

add service s1 http 80

add service s2 http 80

add service s3 http 80

add service s4 http 80

bind lb vserver Vserver-LB-HTML s1

bind lb vserver Vserver-LB-HTML s2

bind lb vserver Vserver-LB-Image s3

bind lb vserver Vserver-LB-Image s4

add cs vserver Vserver-CS-SSL ssl 443

add cs policy pol1 -url "*.cgi"

add cs policy pol2 -url "*.asp"

add cs policy pol3 -url "*.gif"

add cs policy pol4 -url "*.jpeg"

bind cs vserver Vserver-CS-SSL -policyName pol1 Vserver-LB-HTML

bind cs vserver Vserver-CS-SSL -policyName pol2 Vserver-LB-HTML

bind cs vserver Vserver-CS-SSL -policyName pol3 Vserver-LB-Image

bind cs vserver Vserver-CS-SSL -policyName pol4 Vserver-LB-Image

add certkey mykey -cert /nsconfig/ssl/ns-root.cert -key /nsconfig/ssl/ns-root.key

bind certkey Vserver-CS-SSL mykey

show cs vserver Vserver-CS-SSL

        Vserver-CS-SSL ( - SSL Type: CONTENT

        State: UP

        Last state change was at Tue Jul 13 02:11:37 2010

        Time since last state change: 0 days, 00:02:12.440

        Client Idle Timeout: 180 sec

        Down state flush: ENABLED

        Disable Primary Vserver On Down : DISABLED

        State Update: DISABLED

        Default:        Content Precedence: RULE

        Vserver IP and Port insertion: OFF

        Case Sensitivity: ON

        Push: DISABLED  Push VServer:

        Push Label Rule: none
Configure a secure content switching server

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