Configure support for Outlook web access

If your SSL configuration is offloading SSL transactions from an Outlook Web Access (OWA) server, you must insert a special header field, FRONT-END-HTTPS: ON, in all HTTP requests directed to the OWA servers. This is required for the OWA servers to generate URL links as https:// instead of http://.

When you enable support for OWA on the NetScaler, the header is automatically inserted into the specified HTTP traffic, and you do not need to configure a specific header insertion. Use SSL policies to identify all traffic directed to the OWA server.


You can enable Outlook Web Access support for HTTP-based SSL virtual servers and services only. You cannot apply it to TCP-based SSL virtual servers and services.

To enable OWA support, first configure OWA support as an SSL action, and then create a policy that identifies the virtual servers or services for which you want to enable OWA support. When you create the policy, specify your OWA support action as the action associated with the policy. Then, bind the policy to the SSL virtual server that will receive the SSL traffic.

Create an SSL action and a policy to enable OWA support by using the CLI

At the command prompt, type the following commands to create an SSL action to enable OWA support and verify the configuration:

add ssl action <name> -OWASupport ( ENABLED | DISABLED )  

show ssl action [<name>]  

add ssl policy <name> -rule <expression> [-action <string>] [-undefAction <string>] [-comment <string>]

show ssl policy [<name>]  


add ssl action ssl-action-2 -OWASupport ENABLED
show ssl action ssl-action-2
1)      Name: ssl-action-2
        Type: Data Insertion
        OWA Support: ENABLED
                                Hits: 0
                            Undef Hits: 0
                                Action Reference Count: 1
add ssl policy ssl-pol -rule 'REQ.HTTP.METHOD == GET' -reqaction ssl-action-2
sh ssl policy ssl-pol
                            Name: ssl-pol
                            Rule: REQ.HTTP.METHOD == GET
                            Action: ssl-action-2
                            UndefAction: Use Global
                            Hits: 0
                            Undef Hits: 0

Create an SSL action to enable OWA support by using the GUI

  1. Navigate to Traffic Management > SSL > Policies and, on the Actions tab, click Add.
  2. In the Outlook Web Access list, select Enabled.


    Outlook Web Access support is applicable only for SSL virtual server based configurations and transparent SSL service based configurations and not for SSL configurations with back-end encryption.

Create and bind an SSL policy to enable OWA support by using the GUI

  1. Navigate to Traffic Management > SSL > Policies, and add a policy.

  2. In the Action list, select the action that you created earlier. Specify an undefined action, and an expression.

Configure support for Outlook web access