1. For any changes to the HSM-related configuration in an existing setup, such as adding or removing an HSM, or creating a high availability setup, you must copy “/etc/Chrystoki.conf” to “/var/safenet/config”.

2. After adding, removing, or restarting an HSM, you must restart the ‘/var/safenet/gateway/safenet_gw’ binary. If you don’t restart the gateway binary, the HSM will not serve any traffic after it is added back or after it restarts.

3. To reboot or stop the current ‘/var/safenet/gateway/safenet_gw’ binary, use

kill –SIGINT <PID>

Important! Do not use kill –9 <PID> or kill -6 <PID>

4. Before removing an existing HSM from the ADC, remove, from the ADC, all the keys and certificate-key pairs that are associated with that HSM. You cannot delete these files from the ADC after you remove the HSM.

5. On a standalone NetScaler appliance, SafeNet HSMs in HA are not supported.

6. EXPORT ciphers are not supported.

7. Update certificate-key pair operation is not supported.

8. When you generate an HSM key on a third-party tool, the private and public key names must be the same. When you add the HSM key on the appliance, provide this name as the key name.

9. The # character is not supported in a key name.

10. Cluster and admin partitions are not supported.


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