Support for Intel Coleto SSL chip based platforms

The following platforms ship with Intel Coleto chips:

  • MPX 5900
  • MPX/SDX 8900
  • MPX/SDX 26000-100G
  • MPX/SDX 15000-50G

Use the ‘show hardware’ command to identify whether your appliance has Coleto (COL) chips.

sh hardware

    Platform: NSMPX-8900 8*CPU+4*F1X+6*E1K+1*E1K+1*COL 8955 30010

    Manufactured on: 10/18/2016

    CPU: 2100MHZ

    Host Id: 0

    Serial no: CRAC5CR8UA

    Encoded serial no: CRAC5CR8UA



  • DTLS is not supported.
  • DH 512 cipher is not supported.
  • SSLv3 protocol is not supported.
  • Hardware security module (HSM) is not supported.
  • GnuTLS is not supported.
  • ECDSA certificates with ECC curves P_224 and P521 are not supported (Not supported on platforms with Cavium chips also.)
  • DNSSEC offload is not supported. (DNSSEC is supported in software but offload to hardware is not supported.)
Support for Intel Coleto SSL chip based platforms

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