Before you can use a Thales nShield Connect with a NetScaler, make sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • A Thales nShield Connect device is installed in the network, ready to use, and accessible to the NetScaler. That is, the NSIP address or the SNIP address is added as an authorized client on the HSM.
  • A usable Security World exists. Security World is a unique key management architecture used by the Thales nShield line of HSMs. It protects and manages keys as application key tokens, enabling unlimited key capacity, and automatic key backup and recovery. For more information about creating a Security World, see the nShield Connect Quick Start Guide from Thales. You can also find the guide in the CD provided with the Thales HSM module at CipherTools-linux-dev-xx.xx.xx/document/nShield_Connect_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf. Note: Softcard or token/OCS protected keys are currently not supported on the NetScaler.
  • Licenses are available to support the number of clients that are connected to the Thales HSM. The ADC and remote file server (RFS) are clients of the HSM.
  • An RFS is installed in the network and is accessible to the NetScaler.
  • The Thales nShield Connect device, the RFS, and the NetScaler can initiate connections with each other through port 9004.
  • You are using NetScaler release 10.5 build 52.1115.e or later.
  • The NetScaler appliance does not contain a FIPS Cavium card. Important: Thales HSM is not supported on the MPX 9700/10500/12500/15500 FIPS appliances.

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