Restart or shut down

The NetScaler appliance can be remotely restarted or shut down from the available user interfaces. When a standalone NetScaler appliance is restarted or shut down, the unsaved configurations (configurations performed since the last save ns config command was issued) are lost.

In a high availability setup, when the primary appliance is rebooted/shut down, the secondary appliance takes over and becomes the primary. The unsaved configurations from the old primary are available on the new primary appliance.

You can also restart the appliance by only rebooting the NetScaler software and not rebooting the underlying operating system. This is called a warm reboot. For example, when you add a new license or change the NetScaler IP address, you can warm reboot the NetScaler appliance for these changes to take place.


Warm reboot can be performed only on nCore appliances.

To restart by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type:

reboot [-warm]

To restart the NetScaler by using the GUI

  1. In the GUI, click Reboot on the home page of the Configuration tab.
  2. When prompted to reboot, select Save configuration to make sure that you do not lose any configurations.

Note You can perform a warm reboot by selecting Warm reboot.

To shut down the NetScaler by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type:

  • shutdown –p now: Shuts down the software and switches off the NetScaler. To restart NetScaler MPX, press the AC power switch. To Restart NetScaler VPX , restart the VPX instance.
  • shutdown –h now: Shuts down the software and leaves the NetScaler switched on. Press any key to restart the NetScaler. This command does not switch off the NetScaler. Therefore, do not switch off the AC power or remove the AC power cables.


The appliance cannot be shut down from the GUI.

Restart or shut down

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