Configuring CloudBridge Connector tunnel between datacenter and softlayer enterprise cloud

The GUI includes a wizard that helps you to easily configure a CloudBridge Connector tunnel between a NetScaler appliance in a datacenter and NetScaler VPX instances on the SoftLayer enterprise cloud.

When you use the wizard of the NetScaler appliance in the datacenter, the CloudBridge Connector tunnel configuration created on the NetScaler appliance, is automatically pushed to the other endpoint or peer (the NetScaler VPX on SoftLayer) of the CloudBridge Connector tunnel.

Using the wizard of the NetScaler appliance in the datacenter, you perform the following steps to configure a CloudBridge Connector tunnel.

  1. Connect to the Softlayer enterprise cloud by providing the user log on credentials.
  2. Select the Citrix XenServer that is running the NetScaler VPX appliance.
  3. Select the NetScaler VPX appliance.
  4. Provide CloudBridge Connector tunnel parameters to:
    • Configure a GRE Tunnel.
    • Configure IPsec on the GRE tunnel.
    • Create a netbridge, which is a logical representation of the CloudBridge connector, by specifying a name.
    • Bind the GRE Tunnel to the netbridge.

To configure a CloudBridge Connector tunnel by using the GUI

  1. Log on to the GUI of the NetScaler appliance in the datacenter by using your account credentials for the appliance.
  2. Navigate to System > CloudBridge Connector .
  3. In the right pane, under Getting Started, click Create/Monitor CloudBridge Connector.
  4. Click Get Started.


    If you already have any CloudBridge Connector tunnel configured on the NetScaler appliance, this screen does not appear, and you are taken to the CloudBridge Connector Setup pane.

  5. In the CloudBridge Connector Setup pane, click Softlayer, and then follow the instructions in the wizard.

Monitoring the CloudBridge Connector tunnel

You can monitor the performance of CloudBridge Connector tunnels on a NetScaler appliance by using CloudBridge Connector tunnel statistical counters. For more information about displaying CloudBridge Connector tunnel statistics on a NetScaler appliance, see Monitoring CloudBridge Connector Tunnels.