Upgrade and downgrade a NetScaler appliance

NetScaler 11.1 offers new and updated features with increased functionality. A comprehensive list of enhancements is documented in the release notes accompanying the release announcement. Read the release notes before you upgrade your software.

This section provides information about upgrading and downgrading a NetScaler appliance (MPX and VPX) firmware. For information about upgrading a NetScaler SDX appliance, see Single Bundle Upgrade.

Note: For upgrading or downgrading the nodes in a cluster setup, see Upgrading or Downgrading the Cluster Software.

Upgrading from release 10.1 build 121.10 or any earlier releases to release 10.1 build 122.17 and later involves some location changes of user monitor script files. For details, see the Directory locations of script files for user monitors section in Upgrade a Citrix NetScaler standalone appliance.


For best practices for upgrading NetScaler appliances, read the article CTX126793.

Upgrade and downgrade a NetScaler appliance

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