Before you begin

Before you start the upgrade or downgrade process, make sure you check the following:

  • The licensing framework and types of licenses. A software edition upgrade might require new licenses, such as upgrading from the standard edition to the enterprise edition, the standard edition to the platinum edition, or the enterprise edition to the platinum edition. Existing Citrix NetScaler licenses continue to work when you upgrade to version 11.1. For more information, see Licensing
  • Check for New and deprecated commands, parameters, and SNMP OIDs.
  • Check forCitrix NetScaler Hardware and Software Compatibility Matrix.
  • If the Citrix NetScaler Gateway logon page is customized, then make sure that the UI theme is set to default.
  • Review the LOM Firmware Upgrade page, if you are upgrading LOM.
  • Download the Citrix NetScaler firmware from the download page. For the detailed steps to download the Citrix NetScaler firmware, see the “How to download and update the NetScaler Firmware” section in this article CTX205476.
  • Perform a back up of the configuration file, customization file, certificates, monitor scripts, license files, and so on either manually or refer to the following documentation for back up using Citrix NetScaler CLI or GUI - Backup and restore.
  • Validate the integrity of the Citrix NetScaler and check available space before performing an upgrade. For more information about how to free up storage space, see
  • Check the Citrix ADC VPX Support matrix and usage guidelines.

  • Check the FAQ section.

For more information about prerequisites for upgrading or downgrading the Citrix NetScaler firmware, see these support articles:

Before you begin

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