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VXLAN Support for Admin Partitions

Apr 21, 2017

In a partitioned NetScaler appliance, similar to configuring a VLAN, you can configure a VXLAN in the default partition. After configuring a VXLAN, you can bind it to an administrative partition or if a VXLAN is extending a VLAN that is bound to a partition, the appliance binds the VXLAN to the partition under the same broadcasting domain. This is applicable in unbinding a VLAN that unbinds a VXLAN from the partition.

For more information about how VXLAN works in a NetScaler appliance, see

Also, for more information on how VLAN works in a partitioned NetScaler appliance, see

Points to Remember before Configuring a VXLAN

Remember the following points before you configure a VXLAN in a partitioned NetScaler appliance:

  • When you extend a VLAN over VXLAN, make sure VLAN is bound to the partition.
  • Only a partition administrator must configure the IP and dynamic routing for the VXAN in the administrative partition.

A shared VXLAN is not supported in a partitioned appliance and so a VXLAN cannot be tagged to a shared VLAN or you cannot make a VLAN a shared one when it is tagged to a VXLAN.

Supportable VXLAN Configurations

Following are the supportable VXLAN configurations. 

Case 1: Extending VLAN over a VXLAN in the same broadcast domain

Follow the steps given below to extend a VLAN over a VXLAN and vice versa within the same broadcast domain:

1. Add a VLAN in the default partition

command Copy

Add vlan <id>

2. Extend VLAN over a VXLAN within the same broadcast domain.

command Copy

Add vxlan <vxlan id> –vlan <id>

3. Configure a peer vtep to carry all BUM (broadcast unknown multicast) traffic. 

    Note: the vtep address can be multicast addresss.

command Copy

add bridgetable -mac <mac_addr> -vxlan <positive_integer> -vtep

<ip_addr> [-vni <positive_integer>] [-deviceVlan <positive_integer>]

4. Bind IP addresses to VXLAN.

command Copy

Bind vxlan <id> [-srcIP <ip_addr>] [-IPAddress <ip_addr|ipv6_addr|*> [<netmask>]] 

5. Bind VLAN to an administrative partition. 

Code Copy

Bind partition <partition-id> -vxlan <id>


command Copy

Add vlan 3000

Add vxlan 3000 –vlan 10

Add bridgetable –mac 00:00:00:00:00:00 –vxlan 3000 -vtep –vni 11

Bind vxlan 3000 – srcIP

Bind partition p1 –vlan 10