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Dec 07, 2016

A list of the frequently asked questions about clustering (NetScaler 11.0, 10.5, 10.1). Click a question to view its answer.

How many NetScaler appliances can be included in a single NetScaler cluster?
Can a NetScaler appliance be a part of multiple clusters?
What is a cluster IP address? What is its subnet mask?
How can I make a specific cluster node as the cluster configuration coordinator?
Why are the network interfaces of a cluster represented in 3-tuple (n/u/c) notation instead of the regular 2-tuple (u/c) notation?
How can I set the hostname for a cluster node?
Can I automatically detect NetScaler appliances so that I can add them to a cluster?
Is the traffic serving capability of a cluster affected if a node is removed or disabled or reboot or shutdown or made inactive?
I have multiple standalone appliances, each of which has different configurations. Can I add them to a single cluster?
Can I migrate the configurations of a standalone NetScaler appliance or an HA setup to the clustered setup?
Are backplane interfaces part of the L3 VLANs?
How can I configure a cluster that includes nodes from different networks?
How can I configure/un-configure the NSVLAN on a cluster?
I have a cluster setup where some NetScaler nodes are not connected to the external network. Can the cluster still function normally?
How can deployments that require MAC-Based Forwarding (MBF) be supported in a clustered setup?
Can I execute commands from the NSIP address of a cluster node?
Can I disable configuration propagation among cluster nodes?
Can I change the NSIP address or change the NSVLAN of a NetScaler appliance when it is a part of the cluster?
Does the NetScaler cluster support L2 and L3 VLANs?
How can I configure SNMP on a NetScaler cluster?
What details must I have available when I contact technical support for cluster-related issues?
Can I use striped IP addresses as the default gateway of servers?
Can I view routing configurations of a specific cluster node from the cluster IP address?
How can I specify the node for which I want to set the LACP system priority?
How are IP tunnels configured in a cluster setup?
How can I add a failover interface set (FIS) on the nodes of a NetScaler cluster?
How are net profiles configured in a cluster setup?
How can I configure WIonNS in a cluster setup?
Can the cluster LA channel be used for management access?
How cluster nodes communicate to each other and what are the different types of traffic that goes through backplane?
What gets routed over GRE tunnel for Layer 3 cluster?
How Node to Node Messaging (NNM) and heartbeat messages are exchanged, and how are they routed?
What are the MTU recommendations when Jumbo frames are enabled for layer 3 cluster tunneled traffic?
How the global hash key is generated and shared across all nodes?
What is the need of “set rsskeytype –rsskey symmetric” command for *:*, USIP on, useproxyport off, topologies?