Product Documentation

Call Home

Jan 31, 2018
1. What is Call Home on a NetScaler appliance?
2. Is Call Home enabled by default on a NetScaler appliance?
3. What are the pre-requisites for Call Home to work?
4. What are the benefits of using Call Home?
5. Which release of NetScaler software supports Call Home?
6. What NetScaler platform models support Call Home?
7. Should I configure SNMP alarm for Call Home to notify error conditions?
8. How do I contact a technical support?
9. What error conditions does Call Home monitor in a NetScaler appliance?
10. Do you need a separate license for Call Home?
11. What data does Call Home send to Citrix Support server and how frequently is it sent?
12. Can Call Home generate and upload system logs through a proxy server?
13. Can I review Call Home data before it is sent to CIS?
13. How secure and private are the Call Home uploads?