Citrix Gateway Universal License

The Citrix Gateway universal license limits the number of concurrent user sessions to the number of licenses purchased. If you purchase 100 licenses, you can have 100 concurrent sessions at any time. When a user ends a session, that license is released for the next user. A user who logs on to the Citrix Gateway from more than one computer occupies a license for each session.

If all licenses are occupied, no additional connections can be opened until a user ends a session or the administrator terminates the session using the configuration utility. When a connection is closed, the license is released and can be used for a new user.

For more information about the Citrix Gateway licenses, see Citrix Gateway License Types.

Obtaining the Universal License

You need the following information before going to the Citrix website for the universal license.

  • Your user ID and password for My Citrix

    Register at My Citrix ( to receive your user ID and password. Note: If you cannot locate either the license code or your user ID and password, contact Citrix Customer Service.

  • The host name of the Citrix Gateway

    The entry field for this name on My Citrix is case-sensitive, so make sure that you copy the host name exactly as it is configured on the NetScaler appliance.

  • The number of licenses you want to include in the license file

    You do not have to download all of the licenses you are entitled to at once. For example, if your company purchased 100 licenses, you can choose to download 50. You can allocate the rest in another license file at a later time. Multiple license files can be installed on the Citrix Gateway.

    Note: Before obtaining your licenses, make sure you configure the host name of the NetScaler appliance using the Setup Wizard and then restart the appliance.

To obtain your universal license

  1. In a Web browser, go to and click My Citrix.
  2. Enter your user name and password. If this is the first time you are logging on to the site, you are asked for additional background information.
  3. Under My Tools, point to Choose a toolbox, and click Activation System/Manage Assets.
  4. In the Current Tool drop-down menu, select Activate/Allocate and follow the directions to obtain your license file.

Installing the Universal License

To install the license, see “Installing the License”. After installation, verify that the license was installed correctly.

Verifying Installation of the Universal License

Before proceeding, verify that your universal license is installed correctly.

To verify installation of the universal license by using the command line interface

  1. Open an SSH connection to the NetScaler appliance by using an SSH client, such as PuTTY.
  2. Log on to the NetScaler appliance by using the administrator credentials.
  3. Use the show license command to verify that “SSL VPN = YES” and that Maximum Users have increased from 5 to the expected number of concurrent users.

To verify installation of the universal license by using the configuration utility

  1. In a Web browser, type the IP address of the NetScaler appliance, such as
  2. In User Name and Password, type the administrator credentials.
  3. In the navigation pane, expand System, and then click Licenses.
  4. In the Licenses pane, you see a green check mark next to NetScaler Gateway. The field Maximum Citrix Gateway Users Allowed displays the number of concurrent user sessions licensed on the NetScaler appliance.