Profile Management 2103

Fixed issues

Profile Management 2103 contains the following fixed issues compared to Profile Management 2012:

  • Windows user credentials might remain after being removed from the Credential Manager. [CVADHELP-16083]

  • Folders created before enabling Delete excluded files or folders through the Logon Exclusion Check policy but excluded by the Exclusion list – directories or Enable Default Exclusion list – directories policy are not deleted. [CVADHELP-16439]

  • New files created with the Large File Handling - Files to be created as symbolic links policy setting might not sync during logoff. [CVADHELP-16526]

  • When you rename or delete user profiles from a Profile Management store, attempts to load the user profiles might fail. The issue occurs with the User personalization layer feature and a Full user layer enabled on a VDA for a single-session OS using Profile Management. [ALHELP-1264]

Fixed issues