Profile Management 2109

Enable application profiler

This feature defines application-based profile handling. When you enable this feature, only the settings defined in the definition file are synchronized.

To enable the application profiler, do the following:

  1. Under Profile Management, open the Citrix Virtual Apps Optimization settings folder.
  2. Enable the Enable Citrix Virtual Apps Optimization policy.
  3. Enable the Path to Citrix Virtual Apps optimization definitions policy.
  4. Specify a folder where the Citrix Virtual Apps optimization definition files are located.
  5. Run the gpupdate /force command to enforce policy deployment.


For information about creating definition files, see Create a definition file.

During logoff, only settings in the definition file are synchronized, all other settings are discarded. Use folder redirection in case you want to view or update user documents in the session. For configuring folder redirection, see Configure folder redirection.

Enable application profiler