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Profile management and ShareFile

Apr 08, 2014

The information in this topic applies to the use of Profile management in Citrix ShareFile deployments. Some of it may also be useful for other Internet-based file-sharing systems.

You can use ShareFile with Profile management 4.1.2 and later. ShareFile is only supported in On-Demand mode.


If you use ShareFile 2.7, to avoid a compatibility issue install this version first before installing Profile management. This installation dependency does not exist with ShareFile 2.6.


ShareFile stores configuration data locally in the \AppData\Roaming\ShareFile folder. For users with Citrix user profiles, this data must roam with the user profile so that the user-specific ShareFile configuration is persisted. Since this ShareFile folder is part of the profile, no Profile management configuration is required; the configuration data roams by default.

However, user data that is managed by ShareFile is contained in the ShareFile folder that is in the root of the profile (%USERPROFILE%\ShareFile). This data must not roam with the profile because it is managed by, and synchronizes with, the ShareFile server. You must therefore add this folder as a Profile management exclusion. For instructions on setting exclusions, see To include and exclude items.

Personal vDisks

If you create virtual desktops with Personal vDisks (using Citrix XenDesktop), configure ShareFile with the location of the user data on the vDisks. This ensures that file synchronization can take place between the desktops and the ShareFile server. By default, Personal vDisks are mapped as P: drives on the desktops so the data might be located in P:\Users\<user name>. In this case, you would set the location using the LocalSyncFolder policy in ShareFile.

Important: To prevent unnecessary synchronizations, which can adversely affect the performance of Profile management and Personal vDisks, Citrix recommends using the Folder-ID setting on folders that contain large files unless they need to be synchronized on the virtual desktop. This is a ShareFile setting.