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Mar 22, 2017

The topics in this section introduce you to Windows profiles. If you are new to Citrix Profile Management, this section helps you decide whether this component is suitable for your organization and, if so, how to evaluate it.

This section also tells you how to put Profile Management into production and how to troubleshoot problems with it.

Why do I need a profile solution?

To understand what profiles are and how they benefit users, read the topic called About profiles.

Why is Profile Management right for me?

To work out if Profile Management is a viable solution in your organization, read the following topics:

You might also want to review the new and existing features in this release.

How do I set up Profile Management in production?

By answering a simple set of questions, you can configure Profile management to suit your deployment's specific needs. This allows you to set up the software quickly in a recommended configuration. To start configuring the software this way, read Decide on a configuration.

How do I troubleshoot Profile Management problems?

For comprehensive troubleshooting information, see Troubleshoot.