Product Documentation

Using wildcards

Dec 04, 2012

You can use DOS-style wildcard characters, such as ? (question mark) and * (asterisk), in policies that refer to files (for example, file inclusion and exclusion lists). The ? (question mark) matches a single character. The * (asterisk) matches zero or more characters.

Wildcards work recursively. Ensure you specify a valid path when using wildcards.

Policies that support wildcards do not support any other type of processing, such as the use of environment variables or Active Directory attributes. You cannot use wildcards in policies that refer to folders or registry entries.


The wildcard <path name>\h*.txt matches house.txt, h.txt, and house.txt.txt, but does not match ah.txt.

The wildcard <path name>\a?c.txt matches abc.txt, but does not match ac.txt.

The wildcard <path name>\a?c*d.txt matches abcd.txt and abccd.txt, but does not match acd.txt.