Provisioning Services 1808

Provisioning Services 1808 (PDF Download)

Documentation for this product version is provided as a PDF because it is not the latest version. For the most recently updated content, see the Citrix Provisioning current release documentation. That documentation includes instructions for upgrading from earlier versions.


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Citrix Provisioning is software streaming technology that delivers patches, updates, and other configuration information to multiple virtual desktop endpoints through a shared desktop image. It centralizes virtual machine management while reducing the operational and storage costs of a virtualized desktop environment.

The following items are errata for the Provisioning Services 7.18 documentation. Errata are content issues, such as errors or missing information, that could affect your use of the product.

Creating self-signed certificates with PoSH for Linux streaming

To create a certificate:

  1. Use the following PowerShell command (as an administrator) to create a self-signed certificate for the PVSSoap container:
#New-SelfSignedCertificate –Type SSLServerAuthentication –Container PVSSoap –Subject “CN=PVS-01.fqdn” –CertStoreLocation “Cert:\LocalMachine\My” –KeyExportPolicy Exportable


The ‘New-selfSignedCertificate’ command requires PowerShell 5.0 or later. Windows Server 2012 comes with PowerShell 4.0 which does not accept this command.