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Troubleshooting vDisks

Use the information in this article to troubleshoot vDisk issues.

vDisk not booting after promotion

In some situations, the vDisk fails to boot after being promoted.

Retrieve a CDF trace with Always on logging enabled from the provisioning server. This step is important because the issue is not related to a failed boot message, it is related to the events that preceded it. The idea is to capture the vDisk creation and promotion process, not the subsequent failure to boot the target device.

During the vDisk promotion process:

  • If either or both clean cache secrets and KMS licensing are enabled, the provisioning server mounts the vDisk locally to perform actions. In the case of clean cache secrets, the remote registry is cleared, along with KMS modifications. Verify if any vDisk promotion errors appear by disabling KMS and clean cache secrets in the vDisk properties screen.

  • Check the vDisk file format. Known alignment issues exist with VHD and 4k sector-based storage. vDisk file corruption can occur during the process to mount/unmout the disk. This process occurs as a result of KMS or clean cache secret processes. Avoiding the mount/unmount often results in successful boot methods after promoting the vDisk. To resolve this issue, convert your VHD based vDisk to a VHDX vDisk format. For more information, see the Support Knowledge Center.

Troubleshooting vDisks