Citrix Provisioning

What’s new

This release of Citrix Provisioning includes the enhancements described in the following sections. It includes several fixes for issues seen in past releases, and new issues that we’ve identified.


Use the most recent version of the Citrix License Server to receive the latest provisioning features. If you are upgrading Citrix Provisioning to the newest version, the latest License Server version is required. When you do not upgrade to the latest version of the License Server, the product license enters the 30-day grace period. For more information, see Licensing.

Support for VMware vSphere 7.0

Citrix Provisioning target devices support VMware vSphere 7.0. This support includes ESXi 7.0 and VMware vCenter Server 7.0.

Support for NVMe controller for ESX devices

Citrix Provisioning adds NVMe controller support for target devices using ESX. The presence of the controller is determined on the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Setup Wizard template. It is used when creating both the write cache disk and the BDM disk. For BDM disk creation, Citrix Provisioning determines if the NVMe controller exists on the provisioned VM, and updates the disk using the NVMe controller.

Target device support for cfsdep2 driver installation

Citrix Provisioning target devices now allow you to install the cfsdep2 driver using SCCM or the command line. In previous releases, target device installations could not be installed in silent mode. Instead, installations using this driver were forced into interactive mode which would require users to actively respond to a reboot message on the provisioned target device.

What’s new