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Jul 07, 2017

Provisioning Services provides the following new features at this release:

  • Linux streaming improvements, including support for Ubuntu desktop 16.04
  • Provisioning to Nutanix Acropolis hypervisors
  • Microsoft Device Guard integration


Use the most recent version of the Citrix License Server to get the latest features. If you are upgrading from an existing version of Provisioning Services to the newest version of Provisioning Services, the most recent version of the license server is available by using the product software. When you do not upgrade to the latest version of the license server, the product license enters the 30-day grace period. For more information, see Licensing.


See the fixed and known issues for additional information about this release of Provisioning Services.

Linux streaming improvements


Linux VDA streaming for Ubuntu desktop systems is provided as a technical preview at this release of Provisioning Services. Citrix recommends that use of this new functionality be limited to non-production environments.

This release provides improvements and enhanced support for Linux streaming. Ubuntu desktop versions 16.04, 16.04.1 and 16.04.2 (with the 4.4.x kernel) are now supported. When using these distributions for Linux streaming, consider that the PVS installer requires that the Linux kernel package be version be greater than or equal to version The PVS installer automatically provides the correct version during the installation process.

Refer to the installation topic for more information.


The kernel default for Ubuntu 16.04.2 is version 4.8; this kernel version is not currently supported.


The current Linux VDA version supports Ubuntu 16.04 distributions. For more information, refer to the Linux VDA requirements.

Nutanix support

This release provides support for provisioning to Nutanix Acropolis hypervisors using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard. 

For configuration information, refer to Deploying virtual desktops to VMs using the XenDesktop Configuration Wizard.


An Acropolis hypervisor (AHV) plugin from Nutanix that supports Provisioning Services is required. 

Device guard

This release provides support for Device Guard, which represents a combination of enterprise and software security features. This functionality can be used to provide a highly secure environment which allows you to configure systems so that only trusted applications can be used. Refer to the Microsoft site for more information about Device Guard deployments.

When using Device Guard, consider the following:

  • Device Guard is a property of an individual VM. This functionality is configured on the Hyper-V host where the VM resides, after the VM is created.
  • You must enable Device Guard in the master image prior creating the image. Once enabled, you can image the vDisk. Additionally: 
  • Once the vDisk is created, use the XenDesktop Setup Wizard to provision the VMs.
  • Once the VMs are provisioned, manually enable nested virtualization for each VM on the Hyper-V host on which it has been provisioned.


Provisioning Services supports Device Guard using Hyper-V 2016 with targets running Windows 10 or Windows 2016.