Fixed issues

Fixed issues in 7.5.6

This release also addresses a number of issues that help to improve overall performance and stability.

Fixed issues in 7.5.5

  • Apps published on Linux VDAs launch with a gray screen and the session stays active for a few seconds, then closes without displaying any error message. [RFIOS-2665]

Fixed issues in 7.5.4

  • The reauthentication prompt might not appear after NetScaler times out during a session. [RFIOS-1469]

  • The XenDesktop session might not log off even when you log off manually. [RFIOS-2575]

  • The Location Access prompt might appear multiple times during a session. [RFIOS-2576]

  • Location access might not be available after upgrading to Citrix Receiver 7.5.3 for iOS. [RFIOS-2578]

  • Menus might not appear correctly when using a published application. [RFIOS-2579]

  • Sessions might take longer than expected to disconnect when session reliability and ADT are disabled. [RFIOS-2587]

Fixed issues in 7.5.3

  • The Auto-fit Screen option might not work correctly on a desktop VDA when using an iPhone X. [RFIOS-2295]

Fixed issues in 7.5.2

  • Citrix Receiver for iOS becomes unresponsive after you delete the installed root certificate and then attempt to delete the account. [RFIOS-286]

  • When using a smart card on a device running iOS 11, the following error message might appear: “Your smart card does not have a valid certificate.” [RFIOS-2039]

  • Citrix Receiver for iOS might perform poorly when both session reliability and adaptive transport are disabled. [RFIOS-2464]

Fixed issues in 7.5.1

  • Session reliability is unavailable after resetting Citrix Receiver for iOS and tapping Allow EDT In the Advanced Settings menu. [RFIOS-2278]

  • The extended keyboard options icon does not appear on the virtual keyboard when using an iPhone. [RFIOS-2282]

  • Citrix Receiver for iOS might exit unexpectedly when undoing text that contains a blank space. [RFIOS-2285]

  • Citrix Receiver for iOS might exit unexpectedly after removing a favorite app on an iPad and then removing the same app on an iPhone with the same account. [RFIOS-2305]

  • The Cancel button might disappear on certain screens when adding a store. [RFIOS-2358]

  • After waking an iPad, Citrix Receiver for iOS displays an Access Gateway error and becomes unresponsive. [RFIOS-2379]

  • Citrix Receiver for iOS might cause high server CPU usage. [RFIOS-2388]

  • Sessions might not redraw correctly when you change the session resolution. [RFIOS-2390]

Fixed issues in 7.5

  • When connecting to a session using session roaming, Citrix Receiver for iOS exits unexpectedly. [RFIOS-1947]

  • The Auto-fit Screen option in Display Settings might not work correctly on an iPhone. [RFIOS-2049]

  • The .h264 codec might cause Citrix Receiver for iOS to exit unexpectedly when using an external display. [RFIOS-2224]

  • The .h264 codec might cause Citrix Receiver for iOS to exit unexpectedly when launching a session. [RFIOS-2225]

  • Citrix Receiver for iOS might exit unexpectedly on certain Thinwire setups. [RFIOS-2250]

Fixed issues in 7.4

  • This fix adds overall stability improvements. [RFIOS-2071]

  • Tapping the search icon might not make the virtual keyboard appear. [RFIOS-2154]

Fixed issues in 7.3.1

  • After updating to 7.2.3, using the keyboard during two-factor authentication might not work. [LC8267]

  • When connected to NetScaler, using an email account to set up a Store might fail. [LC8268]

  • URLs with an ending backslash might cause an authentication error. [LC8364]

Fixed issues in 7.3

  • When selecting more than one cell in Microsoft Excel 2010 and attempting to copy and paste the data, only the text copies over, not any cell formatting. [RFIOS-1781]

  • When copying text from the iOS Notes application to an ICA session on a device running iOS 10.3.1, the text copies as HTML text rather than plain text. [RFIOS-1782]

  • After Citrix Receiver for iOS disconnects, the error “HdxSdkErrorDomain_Session error 8” might appear and users are unable to launch any applications. [RFIOS-1826]

Fixed issues in 7.2.5

  • This fix addresses an issue that prevents customer ratings of Citrix Receiver for iOS in Apple’s App Store.

Fixed issues in 7.2.4

  • With two-factor authentication enabled, the logon window might move off the screen when attempting to log on. [RFIOS-1850]

Fixed issues in 7.2.2

  • The viewer resolution might expand to 100% when you close all the applications on the desktop. [RFIOS-1613]

  • XenDesktop sessions might not resume after waking an iOS device from Sleep mode. [RFIOS-1746]

  • On an iPad Pro (12.9-inch model), pressing the Tab key to switch input fields in a form might make the keyboard disappear. [RFIOS-1749]

Fixed issues in 7.2

  • If the session disconnects while a video is playing, the video might not resume when the session reconnects. [RFIOS-295]

  • When using Citrix Receiver for iOS 7.1, users might not be able to connect to published applications. [RFIOS-320]

  • Citrix Receiver might exit unexpectedly if .jpg images appear in a session. [RFIOS-333]

  • Connecting to an ICA desktop session from an iOS device over ICA Proxy through NetScaler Gateway might work even when the remote gateway’s certificates are not installed on the iOS device. [RFIOS-348]

  • Citrix Receiver might not connect when the Proxy certification dialog displays. [RFIOS-361]

  • The Citrix X1 Mouse might not perform the pinch and zoom function correctly. [RFIOS-491]

  • NetScaler might not work as intended when enabling Framehawk. [RFIOS-1492]

  • If a user attempts to delete an app or user-added Favorite after logging out of Citrix Receiver, an error occurs. [RFIOS-1489]

  • After adding applications to Favorites on a device running iOS 10, Citrix Receiver might exit unexpectedly after rotating the device. [RFIOS-1494]

  • If a session starts in mixed IPV6-IPV4 mode, Citrix Receiver might exit unexpectedly. [RFIOS-1499]

  • Sessions might disconnect ahead of the configured session timeout if Citrix Receiver for iOS is running in background or the device is locked.

Fixed issues in 7.1.2

  • Moving the Citrix X1 mouse causes the Japanese phrase list in the virtual keyboard to disappear after inputting Japanese characters into Outlook. [658983]

  • Connecting via Squid proxy server fails to launch published applications or desktops. [651489]

  • The wireless trackpad feature does not work on devices with iOS 10 installed. [660963]

Fixed issues in 7.1

  • The desktop session displays at a lower resolution than the original session. [653768]

Fixed issues in 7.0.2

  • This release resolves a previously reported issue that occurs when an iOS device enters low power mode; as a result, an active session disconnects and an error message (labeled Error 51) appears.

  • The keyboard fails to render Japanese characters properly within a session.

  • When using the IME keyboard, a performance issue might occasionally appear.

Fixed issues in 7.0.1

  • This release resolves an issue when using Citrix Receiver 7.0 for iOS on iOS version 7.x; in some instances, Citrix Receiver may exit unexpectedly. Refer to the Citrix Support Knowledge Center for more information about this issue.

  • When an iOS device wakes from sleep, an error message (labeled ‘Error 51’) may appear if an HDX session was active before the device entered sleep mode.