Product Documentation

Smart Card Support for Improved Security

Jun 11, 2013

Receiver Enterprise supports smart cards for deployments with Web Interface.

Note: Be sure to provide the following information to users: When the user logs on to the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) when a smart card reader is attached, a Windows tile may appear representing the previous successful mode of authentication, such as smart card or password. As a result, when single sign-on is enabled, the single sign-on tile may appear. To log on, the user must click Switch Users to select another tile because the single sign-on tile will not work.

For configuration information, see the Web Interface documentation.

Receiver smart card support is based on Microsoft Personal Computer/Smart Card (PC/SC) standard specifications. A minimum requirement is that smart cards and smart card devices must be supported by the underlying Windows operating system and must be approved by the Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL). See for additional information about hardware PC/SC compliance.

Receiver does not control smart card PIN management. PIN management is controlled by the cryptographic service provider for your cards.