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Known Issues

Jun 19, 2017

Known issues in Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.8

Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.8 contains all known issues that were present in Versions 4.54.6, and 4.7, plus the following, additional known issues:

  • When you configure Citrix Receiver for Windows with a PNAgent site, the Show Applications in Start Menu option in the Advanced Preferences > Settings Option > Application Display tab is grayed out. [#RFWIN-4600]

  • If you are a user with non-administrator privileges, the options to change the CEIP settings from Advanced Preferences > Data Collection are grayed out. [#RFWIN-6216]

  • On a VDA running on Windows Server 2016, when you launch an application or a desktop session, a black screen might appear for a few seconds on the native desktop screen. [#RFWIN-6231]

  • When you set Client Authentication to MANDATORY in the NetScaler Virtual Servers settings, launching a XenApp or a XenDesktop session with a smart card might fail. [#RFWIN-6402]

  • On a Surface Pro device, the external keyboard and mouse might not function when you undock the device and dock it again. [#HDX-9067]