Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.9 LTSR

Remove user names and passwords

This topic describes how to remove passwords saved by Single Sign-on. Receiver can also save your passwords if you select Remember my password when you log on. To remove your password from Receiver, right-click the Receiver icon, click About, expand Advanced, and then click Delete Passwords.

There may be times when you want to remove your logon account information from Single Sign-on. For example:

  • You have multiple accounts for a program or Web site stored, but no longer need all of them
  • You have information stored for programs or Web sites you no longer use

Important: If you remove logon information that you are still using, Single Sign-on cannot automatically log you on to that program or Web site and you will be asked to store that information again the next time you start that program.

  1. In the Microsoft Windows notification area, typically at the far right of the taskbar, right-click the Citrix Receiver icon and select Passwords > Manage Passwords.

  2. In the Manage Passwords window, select the desired program or Web site and click Remove.

    Note: Your company might have activated an identity verification process at this point. If so, enter your Windows user name and password when prompted. (If you log on using smart card or other authentication method that does not require a user name and password, use that to verify your identity when prompted.)

    A dialog box appears asking you to confirm you want to delete the logon information for the selected program.

  3. Click Yes. The logon information is removed from Single Sign-on and no longer is listed in Manage Passwords window.

    Note: If you return to the program or Web site, you will be asked if you want to store your logon information.

Remove user names and passwords