Manage sessions

The Citrix Connection Center displays all active connections established from Receiver.

To open Connection Center:

  • Right-click the Receiver icon and then click Connection Center.

To exit a frozen virtual app

Select the app in Connection Center and then click Terminate.

To close all active virtual apps at once

Select the server in Connection Center and then click Log Off.

To change how you see your desktops and apps

You can switch between “seamless” and “full screen” mode.

  • Seamless mode. Desktops and apps are not contained within a session window. Each desktop and app appears in its own resizable window, as if it is physically installed on your user device. You can switch between apps and the local desktop.
  • Full screen mode. Apps are placed in a desktop window.

To switch to full screen mode: Select the server in Connection Center, click Full Screen, and click OK.

To return to seamless mode: Press Shift + F2.

Manage sessions