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May 21, 2017

Optional configuration

Tuning thresholds for monitors and rules

Some monitors and rules have default thresholds that might need additional tuning to suit your environment. You should evaluate monitors and rules to determine whether the default thresholds are appropriate for your environment. If a default threshold is not appropriate for your environment, you should adjust the threshold by overriding it.

In the Citrix SCOM Management Pack for NetScaler Reference Guide, you can find details about the following items:

  • Discoveries
  • Monitors
  • Roll-up Monitors
  • Rules
  • Tasks
  • Scripts
  • Defaults with regard to enabled and disabled items
  • Adjustable parameters and their default values

Discovering objects

For general information about discovering objects in SCOM, see the “Object Discoveries” section of the What Is in an Operations Manager Management Pack? webpage on the Microsoft TechNet website.

The following table lists the object types that Citrix SCOM Management Pack for NetScaler discovers in the monitored environment.

Object type



An Authentication Authorization Auditing object.

Access Gateway

The root object for Access Gateway.

Access Gateway Virtual Server

The Access Gateway Virtual Server object.


An Action object.

Authentication Server

An Authentication Server object.


A Bridge object.


A Channel object.

Cloud Bridge

A group of NetBridge objects.


A group of related objects.


An Interface object.


A group of IPv4 and IPv6 objects.

LDAP Policy

A LDAP Policy object.

LDAP Server

A LDAP Server object.


A License object.

Load Balancing

The root object for Load Balancing.

Load Balancing Virtual Server

A  Load Balancing Virtual Server object.

Memory Pool

A Memory Pool object.


A Network Bridge object.

NetScaler Appliance

The root object for topology of NetScaler appliance.


A Network object.


A Policy object.

Radius Policy

A RADIUS Policy object.

Radius Server

A RADIUS Server object.


A Service object.

Service Group

A Service Group object.


HTTP, Global, Timeout, Feature, Modes, TCP, and other settings.


An SSL object.

SSL Action

An SSL Action object.

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate object.

SSL Policy

An SSL Policy object.


A System object.


A TACACS Policy object.

Traffic Management

The Root object for Traffic Management.


A Virtual LAN object.

Customizing sealed management packs

Similarly to customizing the default SCOM management pack, you can customize the sealed management packs that Citrix SCOM Management Pack for NetScaler provides. For details, see the Microsoft TechNet website: