Product Documentation


Nov 27, 2017

For a complete list of the monitors and rules available in Citrix SCOM Management Pack for StoreFront, see the Reference Guide.

Manually importing included management packs into SCOM

For general instructions about how to import management packs into SCOM, see the How to Import an Operations Manager Management Pack webpage on the Microsoft TechNet website.

To import the sealed management packs for StoreFront manually, do the following:

  1. Log on to the management server.
  2. Launch the SCOM Operations console.
  3. In the Administration view, click Management Packs.
  4. In the Tasks pane, expand Actions, and then click Import Management Packs.
  5. In the Import Management Packs dialog box, click Add, and then select Add from disk
  6. In the Online Catalog Connection dialog box, click No.
  7. In the Select Management Packs to import dialog box, browse to the folder that contains the following management pack files, select those files, and then click Open
  8. Click Install.

Customizing sealed management packs

Customization of the sealed management packs that StoreFront Management Pack provides is similar to the default SCOM management pack customization.

For details, see the Microsoft TechNet website: