Product Documentation

Citrix SCOM Management Pack 1.12 for StoreFront

Nov 27, 2017

Citrix SCOM Management Pack for StoreFront is an availability and performance management solution that extends end-to-end service monitoring capabilities of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to include the Citrix StoreFront (StoreFront) infrastructure.

With the Citrix SCOM Management Pack for StoreFront, you can improve the StoreFront infrastructure availability and health. If any important part of Citrix environment that StoreFront relies on is not available, the user will not be able to use its resources at all or will be using them with a degraded performance. The Citrix SCOM Management Pack for StoreFront actively monitors the availability of StoreFront and its core components.

The Citrix SCOM Management Pack for StoreFront fully integrates topology, health, and performance data into SCOM, providing an end-to-end operations overview across the entire StoreFront estate, and enabling delivery of effective business service management.

The Citrix SCOM Management Pack for StoreFront covers the following key scenarios:

  • StoreFront environment discovery and its presentation in a topology view
  • StoreFront Services probing for each discovered store and measuring response times
  • Web page availability and load time monitoring
  • Controller connection probing 
  • StoreFront Services monitoring


The following diagram shows how StoreFront Management Pack connects to the SCOM management platform and the StoreFront estate.

localized image