Product Documentation

Hardware Installation

Apr 08, 2015


For  the latest content, see the SDX hardware documentation.

All NetScaler SDX appliances share common components, but different platforms have different additional components. Therefore, installation requirements can vary among platforms. Before installation, make sure that your site is suitable for your appliance and that you have completed all necessary preparations. This is also the time to read the cautions and warnings. You are then ready to mount the appliance in a rack, connect it, and start it up. For initial configuration, you can connect a computer to the appliance's network or to its serial-console port. After initial configuration, you can configure the Lights Out Management port, so that you have management access to the appliance even if your network goes down.

The Citrix NetScaler SDX appliance is a multi-tenant platform on which you can provision and manage multiple virtual instances of NetScaler.