Delegated administrators

By default, a Citrix Cloud administrator has full access permissions to all the subscribed services in their Citrix Cloud account. The administrator accesses all the features and offerings of the subscribed Citrix Cloud services.

Who is a delegated administrator?

As a Citrix Cloud administrator, you can invite other administrators to your Citrix Cloud account to manage your IT infrastructure. You assign them custom access based on their roles in your organization. These delegated administrators access the subscribed services based on their defined access permissions in the organization.

You can currently assign read-only access to your delegated administrators to manage Citrix Analytics for your organization. The read-only permission allows a delegated administrator to access limited features in Citrix Analytics. For example, a read-only administrator can access the Security dashboard but cannot perform critical tasks such as create a policy, delete a policy, apply actions manually on the risk indicators, onboard data sources, turn on or off data processing and so on.

How to configure custom access for an administrator

Only Citrix Analytics administrator with full access permissions can configure custom access for other administrators.

To invite other administrators and configure custom access:

  1. Log on Citrix Analytics.

  2. Click the menu button in the top-left corner of the page.

    menu icon

  3. Click Identity and Access Management > Administrators.

  4. In Add administrator from, select the identity provider from which you want to select the administrator. Depending on the identity provider selected, Citrix Cloud might prompt you to sign in to the identity provider first, for example Azure Active Directory.

  5. If you select Citrix Identity, specify the email address of the administrator that you want to add.

  6. Click Invite.

  7. Click Custom access and select the Read Only Administrator access under Analytics.

    custom access

  8. Click Send Invite.

Citrix Cloud sends an email to the added user. After the user clicks the link available in their email, the user is added to the administrator list with the selected access permissions.