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Share Link risk timeline

The risk timeline on a share link’s profile enables you to gain deeper insights into a share link’s risky behavior. You can view the risk indicators triggered for a particular share link. Currently there are two share link risk indicators- Anonymous sensitive share link download and Excessive share link downloads. From the risk timeline, select a risk indicator. The risk indicator information section is displayed on the right pane. You can view the reason for the risk indicator along with details of the event. They are broadly categorized based on the following sections.

  • What happened. Shows a summary of the risk indicator. For example, select the Anonymous sensitive share link download risk indicator. The What Happened section describes the anonymous download performed on a share link and details about when the download event occurred.

  • Event details. You can view individual event entries in tabular format along with details of the event.

    Share Link timeline

For more information on Citrix share link risk indicators, see Citrix share link risk indicators.

Based on the risk indicators associated with a share link, you can apply one of the following actions on the share link to mitigate the risk:

  • Expire link. You can expire a share link. Click Action > Expire link. When a share link is expired, it is not accessible by the users with whom the link was shared.

    Apply action expire share link

  • Change link to view-only sharing. You can change a share link to the view-only sharing mode. Click Action > Change link to view-only sharing. The action prevents other users from downloading, copying, or printing the files associated with the share link.

    Apply action view only share on share link

For more information, see Policies and actions.

Share Link risk timeline