Citrix Analytics for Security

Share Links dashboard

The Share Links dashboard is the launching point into share event analysis and threat prevention. This dashboard contains the summary and detailed view that provides visibility into the share link’s patterns across your organization. It displays all the share links from the active state to the expiry state.

All share links are shown with the corresponding share IDs. Using this data, you can proactively monitor, detect, and flag behavior that fall outside the security norm. The dashboard has multiple views where you can use intuitive filters to further drill down on the data to get useful information.

Summary view

The summary view provides the total number of risky/non-risky shares within a selected time frame. This view also shows the summary details such as, top risky, top actively used shares and so on.

Detailed view

In the detailed view, an administrator can filter further as needed and change/provide the time frame to see the data of interest.

You can select the time period (Last 1 Hour, Last 12 Hours, Last 1 Day, Last 1 Week, Last 1 Month) as needed to view the Share Links details. Check the next sections to learn how to interact with the data on the Share Links dashboard.

Share Links dashboard

  • Total Share Links. The complete list of share link URLs created by the users. This list includes the active and expired share links. These links might or might not have any risky behavior associated with it. Total share links are represented by the corresponding share IDs.

    To view the share links and their details, select All Share Links below the Share Link Summary pane.

    The list is sorted in the order of the active links first and then the expired links. By default, the share link with the highest risk indicator count appears on the top of the list.

  • Risky Share Links. The list of active share links that have presented risky behavior and have at least one risk indicator associated with it.

    To view the risky share links and their details, select Risky Share Links below the Share Link Summary pane.

    By default, the risky share link with the highest risk indicator count appears on the top of the list.

  • Share ID. Each share link is assigned a share ID. On the SHARE URL column, click a share ID to view the share link details and its risk timeline. For more information, see Share Link risk timeline. The share link might or might not have triggered any risk indicator. If there are no risky events associated with the share ID, you see the following message.

    Share Links

  • Created By: Indicates the user ID who created the share link.
  • Activity Count: Indicates the activity count such as, number of updates, downloads, shares, and so on.
  • Auth Type: Indicates the following types of authentications the share link is configured with:

    • Anonymous: When no authentication is required.


      Sensitive files mustn’t be tagged.

    • User: Any user email ID can be shared for tagging/reporting.

    • Employee and Client: User’s employee authentication credentials or client user’s credential as set on Sharefile/content collaboration portal by the administrator.
    • Employee: Employee authentication credentials.

    This authentication required when you download from a share. Citrix Analytics shows the auth type as Not Available when it cannot determine the authentication type.

  • Status. Indicates whether the share link is active or expired. Hovering the mouse on the status shows the current status including the share link expiration duration.
  • Permission: Indicates the type of control a user has. The following are the types of permissions for a share link:

    • View Online
    • Full Control
    • View Watermarked
    • Download Watermarked
    • Edit Online

    Citrix Analytics shows the permission type as Not Available when it cannot determine the permission type.

  • Share Type: Indicates the type of the share. There are two types of values available – File and Folder.
    • File: When a share has only files.
    • Folder: When a share has at least one folder.

    Citrix Analytics shows the share type as Not Available when it cannot determine the share type.

  • Risk Indicator Count. Number of risk indicators triggered for a share link. This number is measured from the period when the share link is active until its expiry. The number is a hyperlink and upon click, you can view the shared timeline.

  • Content: Indicates the content of the share link. You can click the Preview link to view the share link content details.

Click View All link to view all the share links as shown in the following screenshots:

View all share links

You can also filter the Share Type, Status, and Authentication Type as needed to view the share link details.

Share Links dashboard