Product Documentation

Known issues

Dec 14, 2016
  • After opening the Self-Service Password Reset console, you might not be able to pin it to the taskbar. [#646300]

Workaround: Pin the console to the taskbar from the Start menu shortcut.

  • Because of a known in issue in Windows 2016, you cannot search for the Self-Service Password Reset console in Windows 2016. [#648939]

Workaround: Use the Start menu to locate Self-Service Password Reset.

  • If the minimum password age in the the password policy in the default domain policy is the default (one day), and your users try to reset their passwords but reset fails (for example, they do not meet the complexity requirement), and they close the Password Reset wizard, they cannot reset the password again for 24 hours. [#653221]

  • When using Citrix Receiver for Mac, the task button for enrollment appears the first time the user logs on to StoreFront. After logging off StoreFront and then on again, the task button does not appear. [#657263]

1. Click the User name in the upper-right corner in the StoreFront store.
2. Click the Refresh Apps button in the drop-down menu.
3. Close Citrix Receiver for Mac, reopen it and the task button appears.

  • When migrating security questions from Single Sign-on Identity Verification to Self-Service Password Reset, the questions might not display in the Self-Service Password Reset console, even after clicking Refresh. [#657277]

Workaround: Close the console and then reopen it.

  • Security questions in the questionnaire that contain the special character & do not display during enrollment in StoreFront. [#654913]

Workaround: Do not include & in security questions.

  • Attempts to upgrade or uninstall on Windows Server 2012 with only .Net Framework 4.5 installed, and attempts to upgrade or uninstall on Windows Server 2016 with only .Net Framework 4.6 installed can fail. The attempts fail because in-place upgrade or uninstalling on Windows Server 2012 and on Windows Server 2016 has a dependency on .Net Framework 3.5. As a workaround, install .Net Framework 3.5 before the upgrade and before you uninstall.