Session Recording

Known issues

The following issues have been identified in this release:

  • A domain user with local administrator privileges on the machine where the Session Recording Policy Console is installed can add both local users and domain users to which the action of a policy rule applies. However, a local user with local administrator privileges can add only local users but not domain users. [SRT-5769]

  • If you have the TS key created under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\SmartAuditor\SessionEvents, certain events are not captured regardless of the key values. To capture various events properly, use the Session Recording Policy Console to set event logging policies. [SRT-4168]

  • The same record appears twice on the “Record Reason Logging” page of Session Recording Administrator Logging. [SRT-4003]

  • When Machine Creation Services (MCS) or Provisioning Services (PVS) creates multiple VDAs with the configured master image and Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) installed, those VDAs can have the same QMId under certain conditions. This case might cause various issues, for example:

    • Sessions might not be recorded even if the recording agreement is accepted.
    • The Session Recording Server might not be able to receive session logoff signals and therefore, sessions might always be in a live state.

    For information about a workaround, see Install, upgrade, and uninstall. [#528678]

Known issues

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