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What’s new in 2006

This release includes the following new features:

Master image support for deploying the Session Recording Server

You might already have the Session Recording Database and the Administration Logging database in place from an existing deployment. For such scenarios, you can now forego database checks and create a master image for deploying the Session Recording Server easily. After deploying the Server on target machines using the master image, run a command on each machine to connect to the existing Session Recording Database and Administration Logging database. This master image support facilitates deployment and minimizes the potential impact of human error. You can also retain the databases when uninstalling the Session Recording Administration components. For more information, see Automate installation.

Share URLs of recordings

Clicking Share Current Playback on the playback page of a recording copies the recording URL to the clipboard. You can share the URL with other users for them to access the recording directly without the need to search in all recordings. For more information, see Share URLs of recordings.

What’s new

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